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I am Brais, a front-end web developer from Spain.

After some years working as photographer assistant and photo editor on the family business, I decided to study the bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, but dropped it a couple of years later after discovering that my passion was web development and college was too broad of a knowledge base and also pretty outdated, I didn’t like its learning path, but still it was useful to gain a pretty good programming base as I touched C, C++, Java and learned about design patterns and databases.

After that I committed myself to learn web development on my own, starting my journey with CSS, lately I have been fully focused on Javascript and its ecosystem, mostly React and all that surrounds it.

Since then I took a good number of online courses, mainly at Udemy (Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More!, The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: Build Real Projects! and Modern React with Redux) and some from Wes Bos (CSS Grid, Javascript30 and ES6).

I have also read books like Eloquent Javascript and YDKJS along with listening to dev podcasts like, React Podcast, Javascript Jabber, JS Party or Full Stack Radio and reading blogs like the ones from Kent C. Dodds or Dan Abramov. I like to watch conferences from around the world as well.

Everytime I learn something new I build a project in order to consolidate the knowledge that I just obtained.

Currently I feel comfortable using the following technologies:

HTML5 - CSS3 - SASS - Javascript - Typescript - React - Jest - Cypress - Redux - Gatsby - Styled Components - Framer Motion - Webpack - Babel - ESLint - API Rest - GraphQL - Apollo

But I am also curious and willing to learn these:

React Native - Next.js - Svelte - Vue - Express - Fastify - WebSockets - Firebase - Three.js - GSAP - WebAssembly

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